Review | Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam

People always ask me if I get tired of putting makeup on and removing it. Personally, I won't say it's tiring but I do get lazy from time to time. There are nights where I finally get home past midnight and all I just want to do is to dive straight to my bed but then I realised I'm caked with foundation, concealer, blusher, bronzer... you name it. And as you all know, it's good to double cleanse; first with a makeup remover then your facial cleanser. Gosh, you're dying to be on the bed already!! 

When Neutrogena send me this product to try out, I was so excited! It was as if they knew I was running out of my makeup remover and also... it's a 2 in 1 product! A makeup remover + facial cleanser, guys! I've used it for more than a week and scroll down more to read a review on this!


The bottle is made out of sturdy translucent plastic and as you can see, it has a huge pump with a clear cover. I was not too keen on the cover at first because I wouldn't want to lose it and then having to transfer it to another bottle. However, it was not flimsy so I guess I don't mind it at all. Another good thing about this packaging is the way this bottle is designed. When you pump the product out, there is no atomiser straw to release the liquid, but the bottom of the bottle is being pushed so that no air is mixed with the liquid itself. Which also means, you get every drop of this product!


Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam gives you dual cleansing experience in 1 wash with dual-transformation process. For clean and fresh results, start smart with the first skincare step! Enjoy effective cleansing power of makeup remover and refreshing creamy bubble of cleansing foam at the same time!


At first, it felt like a gel to me. After a few uses, I will call the formula as liquid-y gel. It smells refreshing and it is super sticky the moment you massage it onto your face and the cleansing oil will dissolve all makeup and dirt. The moment it comes in contact with water, it lathers as usual. I use 1.5 pumps for my entire face.


For 142ml of product that does 2 jobs in 1 time and costs RM40.50, it's worth it! My skin feels soft and supple after each use, and I do not break out from it! It does it's job well and hey, 1 less skincare step to use so of course it's worth it! You could get yours from Watsons here!

Ps: yes I have a lot of pimple scars and my lips are really dry.