How I Got Into Monash

Ever since I posted a youtube video about my daily life (university edition), I've gotten sooo many questions regarding Monash, the entry requirements, how's the environment, the lecturers, is it tough... and many more. Looking through Google, there wasn't any student who wrote about their first experience as a Monashian so I thought why not share my experience to future students who are considering to study in Monash!

Just a quick disclaimer, I'm studying in Monash Sunway campus. Sunway meaning Bandar Sunway, Subang, Selangor, Malaysia. Read on further if you wish to know more!


This is the part where you enrol into the university. Previously, I attended MUFY, which is the Monash University Foundation Year. This programme is offered in certain campuses and I took mine in Sunway College. It's 1 year programme for those who are aiming for Monash and is 10000% firm with their decision on the course that they are interested in Monash. Do let me know in the comments if you are interested to know how I got into MUFY!

Somewhere in the midst of studying MUFY, there will be a time where you are given the application form to apply for the courses you intend to study in Monash. This form allows you to state 3 best course preferences. As for me, I applied for these three:

  1. Bachelor of Communication under School of Arts and Social Sciences 
  2. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering under School of Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Computer Sciences under School of Information Technology
These are in the order of my first choice, second and third. Good thing about MUFY is that they will handle the rest for you. All you have to do is just sit back, finish your final exams, then wait for your results and offer letter from Monash. 

The way they offer you is based on your WAM (weighted average marks) and your choices. For example: if your WAM is 68.92 and it surpasses the WAM requirement for your first choice, then that's the course you will be offered. If it doesn't, it will look into your second and third choice and offer whichever that surpasses the requirement. As for me, I was first offered Bachelor of Communication since my WAM made it through but I made a switch to Bachelor of Computer Sciences at the very last minute (will save that story for later). 

Once you accept your offer, more instructions will be given such as visa paperwork (international students), orientation details and so on. 


Basically the first chill week ever. In Monash, it's called O-Week! The first day of Orientation is where all the new students are gathered together and learn some things about Monash. The pro-vice chancellor will usually give a talk together with other vips. Also, the MUSA president will make his first appearance there!

The rest of the days are for specific school briefing sessions. Each school will conduct their own orientation session to provide further information regarding the courses. It's very very important to not miss this!!

(that's our president disguising as a security guard, I had a good laugh HAHA)

The final day of O-Week is MUSA Day. It's a day where several departments in MUSA have their station games around Monash itself and all the schools have their own teams and compete with one another. PS: School of Engineering has always been conquering the top three winning teams -_-

That's about it! Those are my experiences as to how I got into Monash. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

Also, feel free to insta dm me at @priddytigress if you'd like to know more!

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