girl with red hair

Hi guys!

So, today was indeed a so-so productive day. As soon as I woke up, I had to bake cupcakes and frost them and pack them as well. Just like any other days, the whole process takes up my morning till afternoon. Yes, it is tiring. But, that's fine 'cause being able to see my customers happy with their orders can already put a smile on my face. Therefore, thank you so much my customers! :) 

Anyway, after my baking session, I went to meet my ESHKA girls since one of us came back to Sarawak for a while. (She's studying in KL that's why)

What's ESHKA? It's my clique of friends from high school. An all-girls "group" consisting of Emma, Shaheera, Hidayah (me!), Kimberly and Alvynna. We've been friends since Secondary 1/Form 1 but we weren't that close until Secondary 4/Form 4. That's the year that we bonded really well and eventually became really really really good friends until now! We even managed to organise our Senior High School Prom! Hehehehe aren't we cool or what? 

We met up at Imperial Palace Hotel and had our high-tea at Menawan Restaurant! 

There was a high-tea going on from 2PM - 6PM but we girls, were so famished that we all ordered heavier snacks instead. Plus, I did not get a proper lunch so I was hungry. Hahaha.

I had Fresh Watermelon juice and Fried Chicken Fingers with Wedges.

Club House Sandwich

Can't really remember what this was but I think it's Fruit Salad (?)

The girl above, that's my Alvynna! Hahahaha she looks so diva-licious now that I'm still adapting to her "big" change of long wavy brown hair with side-fringe into this fierce, vogue haircut. Although, I must say, she looks gorgeous as ever! 

The crowd was just nice. We arrived there at 3pm and there were quite a number of seats taken. Their service is good and the food were affordable. Price ranges from RM13 and above if you're ordering something from their Snack menu. In total we spent about RM112 for a 4-person dining in. Not bad! 

Menawan Restaurant :
Imperial Palace Hotel, Lot 1120, Block 7, jalan Sehati, MCLD, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, East Malaysia. 
Tel 085-437 799

My lovely Emma Lee

My diva-licious Alvynna Joanna from Miss Alvy!

My sweet-pie Kimberly! 

Sadly one of the ESHKAs couldn't make it which was Shaheera. Overall, I had a nice bonding time with my girls and finally hear all the stories that I've been longing. Hehehe girls and their never-ending chats of so many things. We can go from buying magazines to which airline is the best. Hahahaha, seriously. 

That's all for today! Got to study my Maths now so ciao!