OS X Mavericks

So, guess who was the happy girl that received a notification update upon her Macbook Air software?

Proudly present to you, the marvellous 

Yeap, that's right. That's the latest software for Apple's desktop! Previously it was, 

I was ecstatic when I found out that the new software was ready to be installed. I did know that Apple's desktop will change soon, but little did I find out it came out already. The process of updating the software took so long. Nearly 2 hours, and my internet connection was kind of fast. Kind of. So imagine if I updated it with a slow internet connection? 

and Voila! Pardon for the mochi background. It was pink, and it looks yummy, I could not resist. Sigh. Here's a few changes that I've noticed :

LOOK! The dock's background is now white! Used to be black.

We have iBooks now!

Look at those coloured tags, so much neater. We can now search for documents/folders by selecting the colour of the tag! 

Here's what it looks like when I opened Safari to browse! (and yes, that's Naomi's blog, Missalvy's blog, my blog, Speishi's blog, and etc...)

The Calendar/Planner looks so much neater! So crisp and clean, exactly how I'd liked it to be!

The Notes section has changed too! No more yellow notepad with lines! Wee!

There is Maps nowwwww! This program is so cool. I played around and searched for hotels, shopping malls, my friend's house, and you can actually see exactly which house they live in. Cool, but scary. A bit too scary.

The notification section! 

And they've introduced iCloud Keychain. Basically a tool that helps you to remember your passwords  in your desktop as well as your iPhone with the help of iCloud.

This too!

Most of the things have been reorganised and look more neat and clean.

Well, that's it for today! I've yet to explore everything because they mentioned that they have 200 new features. Phew! Do update your software if you're using an Apple desktop! Simply head over to their website, apple.com , search under the Mac section, and you'll find OS X Mavericks! Ps: Apple's gonna produce iPad Air soon. Gasp. I can feel my purse burning. *sighs*