roaming around

Hi there once again! 

Just an update of what has happened so far today. I'm on my tuition free week, which means no lectures, no tutorials (yay!), therefore my mum and I decided to have brunch outside. I wore a so-called lazy outfit, haha. Just a green bow midi-dress and paired it up with my dark blue jeans and VINCCI flats. Minimal make-up applied, did not even bother to fill in my eyebrows. Just groomed them, that's all. 

Eventually, we ended up in Coffee Bean Tea Leaf (CBTL) @ Bintang Megamall and ordered our brunch. I had Chicken Pie & Ice Blended Matcha Green Tea (my usual and favourite, despite how many times I've drank this) and my mum had Brownie Cheesecake & Ice Blended Pure Caramel. Was not really in the mood for any cakes hence the reason why I asked for a pastry dish instead. I kind of like the isolated environment in CBTL because there were only a few customers dining in since it was still in the morning. Plus the aromas from the coffee beans being ground, soothes my wrecked nerves for a while. Maybe I could use some time and study in CBTL soon. 

Anyway, after our meals, mum decided to buy her necessities and I thought I could joined her as well. And look what have i came cross to! BIORE Pore Pack in Fresh Apple fragrance as well as Sweet Floral fragrance! It was so cute that I just had to grab both of them at the same time. Since it had an offer of buying 2 boxes for RM20.88 (U.P 1 box @ RM12.90) , so I thought why not? The packaging itself was attractive and I'm really curious how it will smell like! Hahahaha! You know how boring some nose strips are? Just plain white and has that medicine-y smell? Blehhhhh. So, if you're looking for something fresh, I suggest you could try this!