Review | VSCOcam app


Semester 2 has finally started on its second-half of the sem. Phew. Piles of assignments begins to pour in and besides that, I've yet to brainstorm ideas for this little blog on mine. Anyway, do you notice how nice the picture up there looks like? What I mean by nice is not-grainy, has a well balanced contrast, vintage-y look picture. Especially when you're snapping them from your smartphone, you do want to make sure that it does not look like it's taken from a phone but a DSLR instead? And more importantly, if you're the type of person who loves to take pictures (like me) and is always paranoid about the quality on the outcome of the picture that you took, well..... behold the greatest camera application by Apple that I use on my iPhone 5, it's ......... VSCOcam!

Previously it was like this, 

Although I'm still using the older version, simply because it's easier to use and less complicated than the new one. Of course, I've got to say that the new VSCOcam is much more improved and have more filters and most importantly, it's FREE! That's the part where everyone is most interested in, including me. 

Previously if you had purchased this app, you'll be given 10 extra filters automatically which is more awesome! I was surprised as well when the new VSCOcam appeared, my paranoid mind went all, "Oh My God, don't tell me I've just wasted my $0.99 USD on spending this little app and now it's free? What? It's no longer special!!!" But thank god, it came with extra filters. 

So, what's so special after all about this app? Here's some pictures of mine + google searched, using VSCOcam. 



Their filters make our shots incredibly picturesque. Of course, your original picture has to be clear and bright so that VSCOcam can magically turn it into more beautiful. Value for money? Definitely!

VSCO not only produces its cam, but also its film and keys. 

Do visit their site to learn more about VSCO! Keep calm & snap more pictures with VSCOcam! That's all for now.