[STYLE-IT-ON-YOU] : To School Outfits!

Hello my lovely readers!

These few days, I've been doing some homework about blogosphere and how it works. I've read quite a lot of articles on ways to improve publicity of your blog, how to attract traffic towards your blog and basically get advertisers to approach you and more. After learning and have a deeper understanding on how this 'blogging world' works, it's actually fun and interesting! After all, it's one of the reasons why I actually start my blogging habit back. 

Anywayyyy, one of the tips I learned is to have your own series of posts. Uh what? Series of posts? What's that? 
It's a post of the same series of your own. Like for example, a series of 'How I Met Your Mother' comprises of Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and so on. The same goes with these posts. You set a new series of posts, such as [Around The World in 365 Days] : Macau, China or whatsoever. It's all up to your creativity and your interest. 
Get what I mean, my dear readers? That's one of the tactics that kind of excites me. It's like having a never-ending project (unless you discontinue that series) every week! You will always plan ahead of what to write, the content, pictures to collage, or any websites that you would want to feature! Just. So. Exciting.

Since my brain have been secreting its creative juice, I've decided to come up with my own and introduce it to all of you! Presenting..... *drum rolls*


A series of outfits collaged by 411kisses using POLYVORE. Designed to feature different types of outfits according to occasions. Varies from school outfits, working outfits, party outifts and etc.

THIS WEEK : To School Outfits!

This week, STYLE IT ON YOU brings 3 outfits to cater for University/College students. Those mundane Monday mornings where you have absolutely no mood of what to wear and i-need-more-clothes-ASAP feelings.

[Feeling a little edgy? Denim is always the best when you're out of ideas. It gives a bit of grunge look as well as playing it cool. Pair it up with kicks, a snapback and a metal cuff and it will sure give off a cool sense!]

Monki Lena denim shirt 150 MYR (€35) from MONKI

Victoria's Secret VS Pencil Low-rise Straight Jean 190 MYR ($60) from VICTORIA'S SECRET

New Balance Women's WL501 Backpack Running Shoe 205 MYR ($65) from NEW BALANCE

Witchery Esther Clutch 240 MYR (80 AUD) from WITCHERY

LK DESIGNS CHAIN Black Wrap Leather Bracelet 395 MYR (€91) from LEETAL KALMANSON

MANGO Metal wide cuff  76 MYR from MANGO

Undefeated 5 Strike F13 Snapback Cap (black) 76 MYR ($24) from PICK YOUR SHOES

Vintage Inspired Round Circle Cat Eye Sunglasses 8785 32 MYR ($9.99) from ZERO UV

[Crop tops are definitely the trend now! Pair up with shorts and sneakers, and you're definitely good to go! Don't forget the skateboard!]


TOPSHOP Petite Dweeb Crop 36 MYR from TOPSHOP 

J Brand Vixen distressed low-rise denim shorts 895 MYR from NET A PORTER

Converse All Star Dainty White High Top Trainers 230 MYR from CONVERSE

Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Mini Drawstring Bag 440 MYR from MARC JACOBS

TOPSHOP Nails in Green Room 26 MYR (£5) from TOPSHOP

Beyonce Knowles The Row Oversized Round Sunglasses from STAR STYLE

[Monday blues? Avoid that feeling by pairing your comfortable long-sleeves, a pair of straight cuts, and sandals! Perfect for going to classes.]

Featuring :

UNIQLO Women Premium Cotton Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt 12 MYR from UNIQLO

Joe's Jeans Straight Ankle Jeans 1015 MYR from JOE

OASIS Monochrome Leather Sandal 77 MYR from OASIS

Balenciaga Giant Gold Continental Black 1890 MYR from BALENCIAGA

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Henry' Stretchy Bracelet Watch 555 MYR from MARC JACOBS

Aqua crystal stud earring 20 MYR from DEBENHAMS

Eylure Naturalites Triple Lashes 39 MYR from EYLURE

Nars Nail Polish in Disco Inferno 74 MYR (£15) from NARS

Those are all the three outfit compilations I've gathered. Which one do you like? Do comment and state an item that you can't leave home without it!