Favourite 3 : Beauty Gurus from Youtube

YouTube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 and owned by Google since late 2006, on which users can upload, view and share videos.

Familiar enough? Unless you live under a rock, that's an exception. Kidding.

Anyway, I'll like to share with you 3 beauty gurus from Youtube that I personally love! Although it was a bit hard at first to do so, since I've so many youtube-rs that I've subscribed to, and in the end I picked the best 3!

1. Macbarbie07 (Bethany Mota)

Here's a picture of her (from her personal tumblr):

How did I know about him/her: 

A cousin of mine was a fan of her as well and she kind of introduced me to her. Since then, I slowly started watching her videos and her personality attracted me, and I became a Macbarbie07 follower! 

Why do I love him/her:

Her bubbly, enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky personality attracted me first. Plus, she does not only do videos about fashion/beauty, she also do reviews about her hauls, her personal favourites, outfit inspirations. Often she will post a few tutorials on hairstyles/clothes/accessories/decorations. I love how cute and simple her outfit can get sometimes!

2. DulceCandy87 (Dulce Candy Tejada)

Her fashion & beauty blog: http://dulcecandy.com

Here's a picture of her (from teenvogue):

How did I know about him/her:

One of my first few beauty/fashion youtube channel that I subscribed to! Stumbled upon her when I was searching for "makeup collection". 

Why do I love him/her: 

Her name attracted me first, simply because it was so unique. Dulce Candy. It sounds so sweet, how can anyone not like it? Her makeup/hairstyle tutorials, collections, beauty hauls, how-to's are really awesome! Overall, I've got to say that her makeup is beautiful. She knows how to rock reds, pinks, nudes, deep shades.... Oh and her eyeshadows are something I look forward to in every video. Hehehe. 

3. Michelle Phan 

Her own website: http://michellephan.com

Here's a picture of her (from her personal instagram):

How did I know about him/her: 

My favourite asian makeup youtuber! Was looking through youtube for some inspiration to do my prom makeup and I stumbled upon her!

Why do I love him/her:

I genuinely love her talent in achieving so many makeup looks and every single one of them is perfect. Her knowledge on beauty really surprises me and I'm so proud of her now that she has her own makeup line! EM cosmetics, in case if any of you do not know. She really started from the bottom, and now she's well-known and she achieved her dream. Overall, she's inspirational. 

So there you go! My Favourite 3 of Beauty Gurus from Youtube. Honestly, thanks to Youtube that people like us are given a chance to upload videos and slowly get noticed and prove to the world that we're all born with different talents. It's all about hard work, passion, and determination that keeps us going. After all, we deserve a little pat on the back, after achieving our goals in life. 

Do comment below, or tweet to me (@priddytigress) your favourite beauty guru from youtube! I'd love to hear them and maybe become a new subscriber? :P Hehehe. Have a lovely day, everyone!