Afternoon all!

Today's post will be a review on my Chanel lipsticks that I got as my presents. I personally asked for lipsticks because I wanted to collect more and more of it. It's definitely essential, something that has to be in my purse regardless wherever I go. Plus, a lady has to look fabulous at all times, right? So, my lovely Haya got for me these instead. Thanks a bunch and I love you! 

Anyway, the first lipstick is 

This lipstick falls under ROUGE ALLURE VELVET, which actually is matte. I know, the name is so fancy that it sounds as if it brings some magical change to your lips. Which, I think so it did. Obviously. Anyway, 

  • It's matte therefore it lasts much longer than other types of lipsticks. I wore it for about 3-4 hours, and although it did get wiped out a bit, the colour is still there despite the amount of liquids/food I consume and the never-ending chatter. Pretty much pigmented!
  • This colour is a shade of pink. It surely does make you look younger and more soft appealing. Strongly suggest to use it in the day as it's not shiny!
  • The application is smooth, although a few swipes would coat lips better. 
  • The lipstick has fragrance, umph! Unlike some lipsticks that smell horrible.
  • The packaging is so simple and convenient. Exactly what every lady wants because we want to apply it effortlessly. Just a little different from the normal 'open the cap' and screw it up to apply lipstick concept. Instead of opening, you can push the cap and it will lift itself, and you can pull out your lipstick. Love it!

Now, this is ROUGE COCO. It's a creamier version of any other lipsticks.
  • Since it is more creamy, takes only a few swipes of application then it would coat your lips beautifully. It does give a little shine to your lips and makes your lips look moisturised and not too oily. That's a plus point because you dont want your lips to look chapped. 
  • This colour is more to a fuchsia based. It gives a bold but playful look, therefore more suitable to use it in the night time. 
  • The packaging is per usual, open the cap and screw it up to apply! And this lipstick also has a fragrance!
You can get these Chanel lipsticks at any Chanel outlets or boutiques. It's RM95 per stick, and comes in a lot of shades such as pink, nudes, reds and dark colours. 

Hit me up on twitter (@priddytigress) if you're ever going to buy this two colours and do share your experience as well! 

That's all for now and have a good day!