Thank You Everyone!

Greetings all! Hahahaha

I don't think I'll write a lengthy post cause I've got tons of pictures to show all of you. Just a summary of what happened, my loveliest bunch of friends made a surprise for me! Was not really a surprise surprise because some of them are quite bad at white lying :p Still, I was shocked that the surprise was as soon as I stepped into my house. Hehe, thank you all of you who wished me, those who gave me presents and so forth. I really appreciate everything that you guys did for me and I hope that our friendship last forever. Special thanks to my baby, Shaheera to make this happened. I love you till death separates apart and in afterlife. Teehee!


Scarf : Singapore
Shirt : Present from a cousin of mine
Maxi Skirt : Thepoplook
Shoes : Toms
Tote Bag : Cotton On

Thank you Mummy for the cake <3