Positive vibes

Hi guys!

I know, some of you'd probably think I'm dead, or I just disappeared to nowhere since there wasn't any updated post since like what? 3 weeks ago? Gosh, that's really long. And where was I again? It was near my final exams, right. Anyway, I'm really sorry for not updating and to make it up, I shall tell you a bit of what has happened so far in those days that I've gone "missing". 

1. So, final exams came and I did what I had to do. Sat for it with hopes that I will pass, because I definitely do not want to repeat another semester of learning the same ol' stuff again. I've had enough of that, honestly. And it's time to go on. Anddddd guess what? I passed everything! Thank God. All thanks to my efforts, the sleepless nights, and help & support from family and friends. I wouldn't come out alive if it wasn't for all of you. 

2. You know that feeling when you have to grab every opportunity that you're given in front of your eyes? Even when it means having to sacrifice some of the things around you? That's what my parents (and every parent) is doing. In simpler words, I'm migrating again. My life is pretty hectic, let me tell you. The maximum duration that I'll spent in a country/city is only 3.5 years? Then, eventually I'll move again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to complain. I just find it funny, my family basically doesn't stay put at a certain place. Well, that's because they're grabbing every chance they have to provide us for the better. It's for our future too. So, yes. I'm migrating to the busy city Kuala Lumpur. The west part of Malaysia. And the thought of having so many malls in KL made me broke. Hahahaha. 'But then if you're moving to KL, how about studies?'. I'll still be here in Borneo. I'll just have to finish my foundation first because usually you can't switch your foundation studies halfway into another university. It's either you start again, or just quit and take something else. That's basically it. 

3. "Less expectations, less disappointments". It's true, really. I've never expected for those 3 words to be expressed to me and guess what? It happened a few nights ago. I'm truly blessed and more than ever surprised. And happy of course. Hehe. I guess good things do come eventually to those who wait and work for it. I never stopped since day 1 and I don't plan to stop too. 

4. I'm finally flying off for my holidays, todayyyy! I've been counting down since before final exams. Can't wait to dine good food, see amazing places, breathe fresh air, take pictures, and shop. Nothing too far like the Australia or UK, just the west part of Malaysia. I'll be going to Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Penang and Singapore. Super excited! If you're following my Instagram, or Twitter, you can see updates of pictures that I'll post. But of course, I'll do a blog post as well. Shall split it into 3. Part 1, Part 2 and shopping hauls. Hahahaha. 

That's all there is to elaborate! I still need to pack for later's flight! See you guys soon in the next blog post! Have a good holiday and an early merry christmas too! xoxo