2014 here I come!

before I go on, here's a simple summary of my 2013.

I learned a lot of things from 2013 and I had good things happening throughout the year.

  • I started my own cupcake business and I slowly improved my baking skills. 
  • Finally went to university, and the experiences I had (and will have) there opened up my eyes. 
  • I've met amazing people across the world who are now my friends and share many memories together. 
  • Opened up this blog of mine and I'm happy with how it has turned out as. 
  • My birthday celebration, where I received the most amount of presents in my entire life. Thanks to all my friends <3
  • Passed my semester 1 units after so long.
  • Migrating soon to another new city! 

And along this year, I've failed so many times. But one thing I've learned from this is that to never give up. If you plan to succeed in something, despite countless of times you miserably fail, get back up slowly, and continue trying.

That's what I exactly did during my semester 1, where towards the end, I was literally on the verge of giving up on my course. My heart kept saying 'no' and I was feeling really negative on almost every single thing I studied.

I kept rejecting physics especially, because I didn't understand 85% of what was taught and basically I didn't know what else to do except to cry. Which is an almost stupid thing to do but that's where I slowed things down. 

Brought my self to peace and thought about whether to go ahead with my course or not. During that time, that's where I realise that I can't give up yet. If others can do it, why can't I? Why do I have to choose the easy way, which is to give up and might feel a sense of regret later on? Plus, I have friends who supported me since day 1 and counting. 

So guess what? I slowly pick myself up, gather all the support I have and started trying all over again. It did work, because by the end of semester 2, I felt so much better, and I finally passed my units.

Since then, this phrase has become something that I've lived for and I'm hoping that 2014 will bring me better memories, greater adventures, more knowledge, amazing people, whole lot of new clothes (hehehehehe) and much more. Can't wait to see what this year have yet to offer me but one thing I'm sure of, it's going to be a greater one.

Some leftover pictures I have from 2013.

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! May the odds be ever in our favour during this year, 2014. see you in the next blog post!