Dec Holiday Trip '13 || PART 1

Hi everyone!

Finally had the time to blog about my December 2013 holiday trip which was 13 days long and in total, I traveled to 4 places. A reason why I need to split it into 2 posts. Well, no doubt that it was the most tiring trip ever, simply because my family and I have never travelled that long and the fact that you have 3 kids roaming around like monkeys, honestly I swear. It was definitely an eye opener, and I'm really thankful that I've got to explore such beautiful places, eat yummy food, bought so many things (girls will always be girls), and experience the true feeling of travelling! 

Boarded the plane and off we go to.... 

I spent 3 nights and 4 days here. I've never been to Langkawi and wow, the weather is so hot. It has the same ambience as Bali, only with lesser religious ornaments here and there. Considering the fact that Langkawi has pretty beaches, I expected a huge crowd, but neh, it was just okay. Not too much tourists, which was a good sign! 

The place where I stayed. 

Dressed down because I couldn't care less. Hahahaha. 

2nd day! Where we went for a 2hr tour trip around the island to some of the tourist-attraction places.

A panorama of how it looks like on top of the mountain which I went up using the cable car!

Decided to just dine in at some simple restaurant because the whole purpose of coming here is to just chill and eat simple food. 

Had a short time visiting this island due to clashed flights. Nonetheless, it was fun! Penang island is known for their Penang Char Kuey Teow, which is fried flat rice noodles served with eggs, cockles and prawns. Although it will vary according to the shops you go, that's the basic ingredients you will find in every Penang Char Kuey Teow. There are quite a lot of places you can visit in this island, and plenty of stuffs to do. 

Stayed at Sunway Hotel Georgetown, which was a walking distance from the Penang Times Square. 

That's a Penang Char Kuey Teow with fried egg

Just the normal Penang Char Kuey Teow, sorry for the ugly picture.

This is a Pad Thai. And it's a Thai food, not Penang food.

This famous eating place which serves Nasi Kandar, and the amount of people who came here to eat is huge. No matter what time it is, it will be really packed. 

Personally I recommend their Fish Curry Head, because it's so authentic that you can't give it a miss.

And to end this post here is a picture of my sister on the right and my brother on the left! Do keep a lookout on the next post for part 2!