Dec Holiday Trip '13 || PART 2

As what I've mentioned before in the previous post, I will continue with part 2 of my December holiday trip. The next place I went is....

Yes, back home! And of course it didn't feel like it was a holiday because tell me, who goes on a vacation back at their home country?........ Right? Anyway, met one of my bestfriend, Atiqah and we went to check out some new malls. As per usual, catching up with her about school, life, love life, everything.. Haha! I did some shopping as well, because it's absurd if you go around Singapore and you come back home empty-handed. No way, unless you're really broke and didn't bring any cash with you. Still, that's a bit pathetic, don't you think? Nevermind, back to my point.... Year End Sales everywhere and I splurged on whatever I could. Hehe

Bestfriend Atiqah 

Marble Slab was so good!

If you're going to Singapore, make sure you head down to KOI if you're a bubble tea lover! So much love for this and it's worth it! 

I had supper at Simpang Bedok for 3 nights straight, I'm not even kidding. I don't know why my dad likes to hang out there so much. Hahaha probably because of the food choices, there's a variety of them!

Cousin Atiqah 

Queuing at Fluff Bakery for yummy cupcakes!

Sultan Mosque 

Last but not least, I finally reached KL. Phew! Basically just did some shopping here and went around to dine good food. 

Stayed over at the Royal Chulan Damansara. It was more convenient since they had a bridge intersecting with e-Curve and a walking distance to The Curve mall as well as IKEA and IPC mall. 

Macarons by Cupcake Chic!

Subway at it's best. Hehe!

That's all after 14 long days. It was definitely a good trip and I can't wait to travel again!