& it's giveaway!

I shall, once again, apologised from the bottom of my heart, for leaving this space not updated. Sigh. College life is ........ a lot of hardwork, seriously. I was gonna say hard, but duh, nothing in life comes easy. So, as money. They don't drop from the sky neither grow from trees. But instead they come from something you work hard for. Yeah, you should know what I mean. 

And that's why, I'm now introducing you to my first online boutique! Initially, I had this plan a long time ago, 2 years back but I didn't know where to start, and where to get all the basics. Until one day, a good friend of mine, suggested Shopify, a platform where you can start your own business professionally with your own domain at a reasonable price and such. I agreed almost immediately and plan right ahead. After nearly 2 months of planning, my friend Alvynna and I, officially launched and named it ESHKA. 

That's how our storefront looks like! Pretty isn't it? *Pats self for all the hardwork*

Do read more about us! 

Do be sure to check out this blog section under NEWS. Here, you can read about our 1st collection. 

Some of the products that we are selling. Do note that all of the items are currently on pre-order basis! 

Hassle much to surf the net? Or are you always on-the-go? Don't worry, as long as you have the Facebook app on your gadget, you can still purchase our items! 

How does this work? Go to and simply click over at this button, 

Then, you can start browsing through our products and shop away! 

Do follow us on instagram (@shopeshkaco) and twitter (@shop_eshka) too for quick updates! :)

Since we were feeling extra generous, we are currently hosting a giveaway to our beloved readers on our online store! There are 2 winners in this giveaway. A reader from MissAlvy, and one more from 411kissesWhat will you win? Any one of our items and the best part is ..... you are welcome to choose it by yourself! (I know how that feels like :P) 

Here are the steps to win the giveaway!

1. Create an account in ESHKA (yes, I'll check whether you're a member or not) 
2. Like our page at 
3. Follow us at twitter (@shop_eshka) and instagram (@shopeshkaco) 
4. Screenshot after you've done all of this and email me at
5. Share our facebook page on your social platforms: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag me (@priddytigress)! The more you share, the more chances you'll win this giveaway! 

This giveaway contest ends on the 22nd of April 2014! Good luck to all of you!