Cafe Hopping | Garage 51 by Coffee Société @ Bandar Sunway

A few weeks ago, I had planned to meet up with Alvynna. In case you're wondering, Alvynna is a known blogger at MISSALVY, andddd she's also one of my ESHKA clique back in high school. Yes, we've known each other for about 7 years, one of the best people I've met. 

Anyway, since we're both busy with assignments and transport-less and what not, the meeting got delayed till today. We finally met each other after 2 months of not meeting. We decided to have our lunch at Garage 51, somewhere near the side gates of Sunway University. 

Garage 51 is owned by Coffee Société and it is one of the new established cafes around Sunway area. The concept of the cafe was rather interesting. It is has a garage theme thus the name said it all. I love how they used various shape of lightbulbs and gave off a slight vintage vibe. The space is spacious and they even have an upper deck for you to sit upstairs!

I was wondering if that red car belonged to a driver, turns out that it was a Volkswagen Beatle convertible by the side of the cafe as a decoration. Dang, it was pretty! 

Say hello to Alvynna!

On their menu, they had a 'Weekday Lunch Special' where each weekday there is a special dish accompanied by their Ice Lemon Tea (total of RM13.90) or you can opt for their coffee with an additional of RM2! Do make sure you ask the list of coffees you can upgrade to since it does not apply to all. 

Since today is Wednesday, I had Panini, Chipolata, & Crispy Onion Ring. Overall, it was an affordable dish, value-for-money but I wish their panini bread was a little softer. I spent a lot of time trying to cut my bread with my knife, mind you. *chuckles* Portion wise, it was average. Not too little, not too much. Not a dish to be raved as their flavour was quite mild as well. 

Alvynna had Baked Egg (RM17). It was a dish comprising of eggs, sliced chipolata, capsicum, zuchhini, parmesan cheese, mozarella cheese, and alfalfa sprouts as a garnish to top it all off. They come with two slices of sesame bread and all this was served on a chopping board. Cute, no?

Unfortunately, we did not get to try any of their coffees since we were really focused on getting lunch even though Garage 51 were mostly known for their drinks. Oh well, there goes another reason to visit Garage 51 again! 

Just a little note, if you're driving, be prepared to face a few turn-arounds in that area because trust me, it is extremely hard to find a parking especially during peak periods! It is so crazy that some drivers actually double park their cars which I definitely do not recommend that all! If you really love your car, that is. 

GARAGE 51 by Coffee Société
Address   51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Hours   11:00am - 11:00pm on Tue - Sun
GPS   3.067876, 101.603086


  1. That cafe looks sooo cool and your pictures are just amazing mashallah!xoxo

    1. Thank you maryam! and yes, you should definitely check the cafe out! <3