Motivational Monday | Deciding on future career

Few days back, I was feeling a little uncertain about my chosen career and the path that it will lead to in the near future. A lot of questions popped up in my mind and I begin to question myself,

"is this what you really want to do in the future?"
"are you sure engineering is your thing?"
"you don't mind having to calculate and use formulas for your entire life?"
"do you even know how's the life of an engineer like?"

Guys, it is that stressful. One moment you think that you have made the perfect decision upon your choice of career and the next think you know, you start doubting yourself so much, and eventually breakdown. Having to choose your career is so scary because it somehow determines your future and that literally just gave me chills. Like what if I fail in life................. *bursts into tears*

Back in high school, I used to go to educational fares where different universities will have their own booth to promote themselves and give one-on-one academic consultation. I was really excited to go to college and I can't wait to graduate from high school. Therefore, I planned early. I took a lot of brochures and went to different university booths to clear any enquiries.

The first thing that they ask me will be "So, which field of study interests you?". If it's not that, then "What do you want to do in college?". At that time, I was so certain about myself and my immediate response will be "Chemistry!". Yes, I am a chem-nerd. I won't claim myself as being so knowledgeable in chemistry but I loved it. The most magical subject, Chemistry. Anyway, with that being said, they will start to offer a range of courses related to chemistry.

There were a few that spark my interest:
- Food Science & Technology
- Chemical Engineering
- Petroleum Engineering
- Culinary Arts

And guess which I picked? Culinary Arts? Nope. Food Sci & Tech? Not that either. With a heavy heart, I went with Chemical Engineering. I know a lot of people said that engineering has more relations to physics which made me cringe because I did not exactly like physics. I rather come up with a half reaction equation than calculating the potential force of a ball, seriously. Therefore, I did not really decide on my option, it was more of "whatever-as-long-as-im-in-college" kind of decision.

Nearly 2 years have passed after making that decision and I've got to say that being in an engineering stream is tough. I am still in the midst of completing my foundation studies and slowly I have developed an interest on a different field of study.

There were a few times where I imagined myself being a design student or maybe an art student. And after 2 years of being in college, this thought came back to me and I decided to change my field of study from engineering to design a few days ago. I'm crazy, I know. I wanted to do graphic design because I love designing things especially graphics. I love creating logos, posters, banners, doodling typography and so much more. I guess graphic design was my hidden dream career. Like I've secretly always wanted to take up graphic design but because I was surrounded with an engineering environment, I shrugged that thought off.

When I told my parents about this, they were not quite happy about it. The amount of money spent on 2 years of my foundation programme will go to waste as well as my efforts. They did not agree with my decision and told me to continue on the engineering pathway. *big sigh* after all, they are my parents and I definitely do not want to let them down.

I wish I had gone with graphic design in the first place. I have more passion in it compared to engineering. However, what's done is done and I will just have to keep pushing myself each day to be more motivated than the day before.

There is no success without hardship. (Sophocles)
It is definitely true. If you ever face difficulty in something, remember that in life, there is no such thing as an easy pathway to be successful. There will always be hardship in front of you and it sometimes take forever to overcome it. It's okay if you fail the first time, there are 1001 chances for you to redo it again as long as you're willing to and not give up.

And when you're deciding on future careers, make sure it really interest you. There is no point in pursuing something that you don't like because you'll just end up feeling more stressful than ever. Make sure to ask for professional opinions and get a lot of information on the choices that you are making.

If you're in somewhat a position like me, stay strong. We have come so far to give up on where we are now. Chin up, because sometimes we might not know what we're capable of until we try it.