Cafe Hopping | Spatula Bakery @ Frankel Avenue, Singapore

I think it's an advantage when girls get their cravings fixed due to the fact that it's one of the symptoms approaching the "red flag" week. Hehehehe, sometimes it's nice being a girl. Anyway, I've been craving for waffles since .... the longest time. Every time I see a post on my Instagram feed featuring waffles, I start to salivate. For real, guys. This time round, my cravings lean towards the sweeter side. All hail to desserts. 

SPATULA BAKERY was initially a small home-based business but now they have expanded and recently opened up a cafe! I've been a follower of theirs for about almost 6 months and I must say their waffles look drop, dead, gorgeous. Even if it's just a picture, they look so goooodddd. I know, pictures can be quite deceiving but I believe that "food should always look good as it tastes", according to what SPATULA BAKERY's philosophy is. 

So, guess what? I finally made a trip back down to Singapore and yes, I decided to give the cafe a little visit! Ps: I am a Singaporean, in case you didn't know. Hehe

Love the exterior and how their cafe's name is written hugely on the wall. You definitely can't afford to miss it. Yay to outdoor seats as well!

Such a cosy and peaceful ambience. I'm loving the choice of lightbulbs they use! And do you notice those striped walls? Definitely a perfect backdrop for selfie(s) hehe! I went there around 5pm and the crowd was just nice. There were still some seats left for new customers to dine in. Do take note that they have an upper deck as well! 

In SPATULA, they offer a range of delightful treats! From cupcakes, to cakes, cheesecakes, macarons, cakepops, marshmallow bites, waffles, milkshakes, floats and much more! Also in SPATULA, they provide free charge of water! Although you will have to DIY since it is placed between the upper deck and lower deck. 

Here's an overview of what we got! Do you feel hungry yet? Hehehe

I definitely did not regret coming here for their waffles. It was so good that I think I might come back here again in the future for these fluffy waffles with yummy-licious sauces. So here's how it goes : 
1) Order your waffle
2) Select your ice cream flavour : Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies&Cream, Chocolate Chip, Strawberry
3) Select your sauce : Maple syrup, Salted Caramel, Butterscotch, Chocolate 
4) Your preference of with whipped cream or not
Your waffles will be then served with some bananas too! All this for $10 only! It's super worth it. Plus, they give a generous scoop of ice cream! And their ice cream does not melt easily. After some bites of the waffle, their ice cream still stays in shape! 

Because rainbow cake and red velvet is overrated, we decided to try the Dough or Don't cake. It is a chocolate chip cake with an eggless chocolate chip cookie dough filling, coated with buttercream and a chocolate chip cookie. For $8 a slice, it is considered okay and I loveeee the cookie filling! The cake was just nice and fluffy and the buttercream was good!

This is their November special. I'm an avid fan of green tea and hence I got a cup of their green tea latte at $6. I wish their latte art was a little bit more presentable! I guess mine was a failed 'Rosetta'? Nonetheless, the drink was just average. The green tea wasn't properly infused with the latte mixture therefore I can still feel the powdery texture when drinking it. 

Besides that, we got normal hot green tea $3, and a root beer float $5! In total, we spent $48. A good thing about SPATULA is that all their prices are fixed with no cents! Everything is basically priced with integers, meaning whole numbers! Therefore, you do not have to worry about the hassles with coins! 

Overall, I enjoyed my trip to SPATULA BAKERY and I'd recommend this to all you waffle-lovers! Do come down to Singapore and give this cafe a visit! 

Address   87 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458215
Hours   10am - 10pm everyday