C'est La Vie, That's life

I guess growing up does get a bit scary. At the age of 5, you could be going to Toys 'R' Us and picking the most fashionable barbie doll or the coolest Hot Wheels racing car. Then at the age of 7, you face the first day of elementary school and begin doing things more individually. At 10, your responsibilities start to pile up. You no longer can delay your homework, and by this age you realised that laziness can affect your grades. By the time you're 13, you reach puberty, and you are now a little self-conscious about yourself towards your surroundings. Hanging out with a lot of friends seem pretty cool and popularity usually gets the nicest attention. You find some guys attractive and you get little flutters in your heart when your crush likes you back. Then you're 16, feelings start to get more dense, and it hit you that life is a roller-coaster ride. At certain times, you will reach your minimum point and the only way to get back up is to be strong and face your obstacles. Finally, you're 18. You are now legal to do a lot more things. You start entering college and be friends with people all over the world and your horizon widens. Your perspective towards some things changes and of course, more rational thinking is done. You begin to worry about bigger things, such as financial problems, the choice of undergraduate study to pursue on, your future career and etcetera. 

It's exhausting, really. 
Sometimes it'd be great to have a pause and play button for life.
Maybe add forward and rewind buttons too. 
Just to see if what you're doing now will be beneficial for your future, and so that you can rewind and redo whatever mistakes you did.

But I guess life was meant for us to experience. It is a sequence of trial and error processes until you die. In order to progress in life, mistakes have to be made. It's okay if you fail the first time, there's always another 32947693 chances to improve yourself. 

C'est la vie.