Contest | L'Oreal Beauty Countdown

Do you remember what are your first few skin care products before all the vanity starts? Your first face wash, moisturiser, toner.... etc? Yes? No? Well, to share with you, I started my first skin care routine using L'Oreal products back in my pre-teenhood. My mum used to buy me their face wash, toner, day cream, and night cream. 

"What's this blue water thingy? How do I use this, mum??"
"Oh, that's a toner. Use that after you wash your face."
"But why are there so many creams?"
"That white jar is for the day, that dark blue jar is for the night"

I swear I felt like a clueless kid with all the skin care products around me. I was only 11 at that time, guys. 11 year olds at that time were still busy discussing about the latest Barbie movies but there I was having to apply all those onto my face. Guess that's where and why my vanity started, sigh. 

Butttttt wait up! Since we're talking about L'Oreal, I have some exciting news to share with you! 

Since 1st Nov, L'Oreal Paris have been holding a Beauty Countdown contest! Sounds fancy, no? Here's what it's about! 

Still unsure of what it's all about? Don't worry, I'm here to explain! 
Here's what you need to do!

So, what are the prizes?

1. Daily Prizes : Hamper worth RM100 x3 
2. Weekly Prizes : A mystery prize that'll be revealed each week on the L'Oreal facebook page!

3. Grand Prize : A car worth more than RM100,000 (oh. my. god.)
That's basically what you need to do! Isn't it simple? In order to increase your chances to win these prizes, just simply buy more L'Oreal products and submit more entries to the website! This contest is held for 10 weeks, starting from 1st Nov 2014 - 31st Dec 2014. 

Head down to town, start buying L'Oreal products and join the contest! Who knows if you're lucky! ;) 
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