MakeUp Tutorial | Bold Lips to College!

It's a Monday. And you're feeling ever so lazy to get up from your bed and head to the shower and start your day. Very familiar isn't it? 

"Ugh, it's monday."
"Nooooo, I have school this week!"
"Oh my god, class at 8:30am on mondays are so not my thing"

Some of us actually look like a wreck waking up early on mondays. Those eyebags and dark circles and the very lazy face to attend classes and on top of that, you have to listen to your lecturer going on and on about why a force has an equal downwards force when its at equilibrium bla di b l a d i b l a. 

This happened to me last Monday and gosh, I figured that I needed my face to look fresh and ready to battle the day (but no, I was just really looking forward to be attached with my bed again in the evening, don't we all?). 

And, so, why not go for extra bold on Monday?

Here is what I used. Blusher on the left most is an optional step! I forgot to include my mascara here...., I'm so forgetful. *cries*

1. Always make sure that your face is thoroughly cleansed before putting any skincare/makeup on! Apply some toner and moisturiser as your very first base to help your skin look moist and fresh. Pick one that is high in SPF! Our face needs a lot of protection from the harmful sun rays even when indoors, girls!

[WHAT I'M USING] : Garnier Sakura White moisturiser. Super love this one because it has a pink packaging (cute), andddd it smells like flowers!

2. Apply your desired BB Cream. I prefer to use BB Creams then foundations since it's a lot more easier and convenient. BB Creams are like foundations but they have a lighter finish and nothing too heavy or cakey. You can even use your fingers to blend them (if you're in a hurry) and you'll still look good!  

[WHAT I'M USING] : Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick in 02 Natural. How convenient it is that it's made into a stick! Easy application is what you're looking for on a Monday morning!

3. For those who like extra coverage on their zits, pimple scars, dark circles, eyebags, apply some concealer around the area. [TIP]: Since we're going for a bold lip, I suggest to conceal the areas on your above, below, and at the corner of your lips. This will make your lips stand out.

[WHAT I'M USING] : ZA Perfect Fit Concealer in shade 03. This one conceals pretty well if you have average-ly obvious pimples/eyebags/dark circles.. Not too heavy for college!

4. After you're satisfied with concealing, put on your powder to set everything! Make sure you put it evenly around your face including your chin too! You should look flawless by now. 

[WHAT I'M USING] : Maybelline White Superfresh UV Cake Powder in 04 Honey. This is a recent product from Maybelline and I love this powder because they are enriched with Mineral Perlite which has a 5x absorption power than regular talc. This means your powder won't easily wear off as it will continuously blots away sweat and sebum. Super useful to college students like us who's hustling from one class to another!

5. Eyebrows are so important. They define a lot about you and yes, fill 'em up! Be careful not to overdo it since you want your lips to be the centre of attraction. Go for a natural look to be safe, not too arched okay!

[WHAT I'M USING] : Sephora Long Lasting brow pencil in 02 Medium. I used a brow pencil to avoid it looking harsh. 

6. For people who have naturally long lashes, it's okay for you to skip this step! But yes, my fellow short-lashed girls, apply some coats of mascara. This is just to open up your eyes, and make it look big. *bats eyelashes*, hehehehe

[WHAT I'M USING] : SilkyGirl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara in Black. Never underestimate cheap mascaras okay! This one elongates my eyelashes really well. The mascara wand was nothing special with just little bristles on it. Two coats of this mascara does it! Oh, it's waterproof too. Bonus points to that!

7. You're almost done! Pick a nice shade of bold lipstick and apply it on your lips! Tadaaaaa!

[WHAT I'M USING] : LimeCrime Velvetines in Wicked. Hands down, LimeCrime has the best formula when it comes to matte finishing. Like, it's legit matte. No kidding! You can read my review on it if you haven't here. Wicked is a blood red colour and it takes some courage to wear such a dark colour to classes. But, like they say, You Only Live Once! 

And you're done!

Bold enough for you?

I hope this tutorial will benefit any of you girls. I tried keeping it really simple, so those who are beginners to makeup would be able to understand. No brushes are needed, just your fingertips will do! It's my first time doing a blogpost as such so comments are greatly appreciated and do tell me if you tried this tutorial out! Thanks for reading!