Contest | Top 5 items I want to buy in Lazada!

Happy weekends everyone!

The weather has been very bipolar these few days. One second it's sunny and the next, it rains. Usually things like this will affect my mood to go out and shop but that's okay online shopping to the rescue! Yayyy! 

There are so many online shopping websites these days and LAZADA is one of the first few that I came across with! Introducing LAZADA : an online shopping e-commerce with a variety of products to choose from! From fashion, cameras, home appliances, watches, computers & laptops, toys, luggages, games and so many more! Can you believe it? You can even buy your furniture online with LAZADA! So convenient for those who are working 24/7 and those who have no transport with them. 

LAZADA doesn't just sell things, they also offer good deals like 'Deals of the Day at 80%!' or 'Special Clearance Sale +  Extra 20% off'! Oh and good news for CIMB Bank users! From now till 31 October 2015, all items are with additional 10% off when you pay using CIMB Bank credit, debit or kwik card. All the better reasons to shop at LAZADA! 

Told you I wasn't kidding!

More and more discounts and goooood deals!

I have never got the chance to buy anything from LAZADA and since ShopCoupons is organising a blogger contest in collaboration with them, I shall grab this opportunity and hope that I get to win the RM100 LAZADA vouchers!

Here are the top 5 items in LAZADA that I will buy if I were to receive the voucher!

1. ASOTV Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer (RM 85)

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Being a makeup junkie, I obviously have a lot of makeup that still needs to be organized properly. For now, I only have a makeup bag that stores 50% of my makeup and the rest is outside, resting on my drawer. If I buy this, it will solve the problem that I have and come onnnn, this thing can spin 360 degrees! Who doesn't want that? I can even store my large-sized cosmetics and yay no more clutter on my drawer! All neatly organized in here.


2. Hommy DIY Wall Sticker in Black (RM 33.50)

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If you don't know, I love my wall to be decorated with wall decals and sometimes I even do DIYs and hang them on my wall. For some reason, this clock + wall sticker is super interesting and I bet not many of us have this kind of clocks. Right? Right? Therefore, this will give a cool vibe to my room and like they always say, "Time is golden" or "Time waits for no man". Being a blogger, one must always keep track on time to make sure we blog on a regular basis!


3. Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP 1 (RM 499)

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Some time ago during last year, this Instax camera was hyped. I've seen a lot of it online, mostly on Tumblr and I thought it would be nice if I have it too! It would be great if I can take pictures on my phone and send it to this device and they can print it! Saves my time from printing it outside and because the size of the picture is small, I can store it anywhere I want. They can also be as a decoration for my wall! Yayyyyy! 


4. Toshiba FlashAir 16GB Wireless Wifi Class 10 SD Memory Card (RM 85)

Why a memory card? Memory cards are so important for bloggers because we take pictures of almost everything and to us, the bigger the memory, the better it is. But isn't it even better if there's wifi too? Save the hassle to transfer the pictures manually into the computer and by using this, just transfer it using wifi! Yeap, directly from your camera to your laptop/desktop/computer!


5. Macbook Air Matte Rubberized Hard Laptop Case Cover in Gold (RM 59)

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Yes, I use Macbook so often that there are already a few scratches here and there :( I do have a transparent cover but wouldn't it be awesome if I can have my cover in gold instead? Hehehehe not real gold of course! That'd be so heavy. It's okay, this macbook air cover in gold will motivate me harder and to blog more frequently and who knows I'm able to buy real gold in the future? :P


There you go! My top 5 things I would buy in LAZADA! Don't forget to check them out here!

You can check out the products at Lazada This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCoupons. Lazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Malaysia.


  1. Salam kenal dari Indonesia.Wow, no wonder your written English is good. You're Malaysian, aren't you. Usually Malaysian speak and write in English in a good way. Salut buat potingannya plus additional of all pictures involved in the blogpost.

  2. even if this post already out of date it's still wonderful