Review | Benefit's The POREfessional Pro Balm

I am pretty sure majority of you have heard about Benefit before, right? Especially those who frequent to SEPHORA a lot and is a makeup junkie, you guys should know. But anyway, Benefit is a makeup brand from the US and they carry a range of makeup products from primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, liptints and a lot more. I loveeee Benefit's products because they always have super cute and fancy packaging! 

I've finally purchased the much raved POREfessional among beauty blogger who swore by it, since some say it's a holy grail product. And after much hesitation, I couldn't wait any longer, so I finally got it purchased! *sigh of relief*

The POREfessional is a face primer and what's so good about this is that 
  • it's lightweight
  • it's translucent
  • it's not greasy/oily
  • it helps to reduce fine lines & pores
  • it makes your makeup lasts longer
It's basically a balm which will settle into your skin and leaves it smooth, matte, velvety and your pores will be  covered up! Uh-mayyyyy-zinggggggg!

To use the POREfessional, you have to first apply the face primer after your skincare routine but before applying any make-up. It acts as a base before you put any make-up on and this will help your make-up last longer. Apply it on those oily areas as well as zones where there are pores. If after your makeup is applied, and you start to have greasy/oily face a long the way, pat some POREfessional on those areas again for a touch up! Simple as that!

It also comes with a cute set of instructions so you don't have to worry about how to use it! Everything is stated there. 

I can't get enough of the packaging. It's really cute! The tube is matte, rubbery and to apply the primer, you need to unscrew the black cap at the bottom. It's not too much of a hassle but I wish they had a cap where we can just open and close it with just a click. At least we do not have to worry about the cap in case it gets lost. 

When you first squeeze it, the balm will appear as a coloured cream and has a light lemony scent to it. After you blend it, it will settle into your skin and leaves a smooth and matte finish. It almost feels very powdery too. POREfessional suits all type of skin colour so do not worry if it's too light/dark for you. I only use a pea size and I focus only on my oily areas such as T-Zones, and a bit on my cheeks. If you have dry skin on your nose, it's best not to apply it on your nose or else it will just make your nose look even drier. Also, don't use the primer too much since it can become flaky. You definitely do not want your skin to look super dry so just be cautious when you're squeezing the product out. 

As this product settle deep into your pores, it's best to remove thoroughly or you will end up with clogged pores and that's a no no. I will usually wipe my face with wet face wipes, then with my make-up remover and lastly wash my face with cleanser. 

For the price, I bought the mini tube at SGD16 for 7.5 mL in SEPHORA Singapore outlets. Pretty cheap right? I'm not sure how much it is in Malaysia for the mini size but it is RM115 for 22 mL in SEPHORA Malaysia outlets. I'll reupdate this again once I check on it. Will I repurchase this in future? I might! Maybe in the full size too!

Have a lovely Friday and Happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese readers & friends!


  1. OMG ! I'd love to try this ! but look at the price , ;(

    1. I know how you feel!! Save your $$ okay cause this product is rly good :D

  2. The DFS in Malaysia is selling it super cheap!! There's 3 big ones inside and it cost me 295RM which is only $111 in Sg when converted!! And divided by 3, 1 is only for $37!!! Murah to get it in Malaysia!!! 😍😍😍😍

    1. omgosh really?!!? that's like rm50 difference if you buy 1 big one separately in Malaysia! DFS at whereeee?