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Today I'm going to review on MakeUp Revolution London Redemption Palette Essential Mattes! The name is so long omg hahahha, but yes, this is my recent purchase on eyeshadow palettes. To be honest, I don't usually use eyeshadows when I go out, only on certain occasions where I feel like I need to be extra pretty, then I will use it. Therefore, I consider myself as a beginner in eyeshadow sections so pardon if you think this review is incomplete! I'll get better, I promise.

So, by the name itself, it is an all Matte eyeshadow palette, and it consist of the essential colours which is very versatile and can be worn on everyday basis. It was one of the reasons that I chose to purchase this from MakeUp Revolution. It was also my first time seeing an all matte palette, so why not right? In case you do not know, this brand comes all the way from London, UK and it's so affordable. I'm not even kidding. You can check out my other purchases from them here!

This palette comes in 12 different colours, 7 of it is light, and the other 5 is dark (based on my skintone). They also provide the typical eyeshadow sponge applicator, nothing special. I still prefer to use my fingers though, because I get more control. Now, the packaging. It's just a simple plastic rectangle box slightly smaller than the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Since it's plastic, it's easy to chip off or break, so make sure you store this palette safely. The front view shows a clear view of all the colours inside which is very handy when you're picking out your colours. Just a downside on their packaging that they do not provide a mirror in this palette :( 

Here are the swatches of all the colours in the palette! I kinda had a hard time swatching them on my hand since the pigmentation of the bright colours was so hard to show up. Plus, I have quite a warm skintone so it takes a few swatches for the colour to be visible on my skin. In my opinion, the darker shades work better on me because of their good pigmentation. Even when I applied the brighter colours onto my eyelids, I took sometime in applying it to build the colour up. Maybe I need to use a good eye primer before applying this then it'll be okay. On a brighter side, the shadows are easy to apply, very smooth and buildable. The colours are definitely suitable for everyday use since it consist of very earthy tones. 

Here's a look I created using the Essential Mattes palette! I used 8, 10, 11 and 12! I tried creating a 'smokey eye' kinda look, and that's the outcome!

Overall, I have a love/hate relationship with this product. Since it's priced at RM32, I do not really mind and I don't have high expectations from it. Make Up Revolution London offers a wide range of eyeshadow palettes such as Iconic 1, Iconic 2, Iconic 3, Hot Smoked, Acid Brights, Essential Day to Night, Essential Shimmer, Matte Brights, Romantic Smoke! Loveee the names of the eyeshadows, and I can't wait to purchase the other palettes. A lot of the beauty bloggers recommend Iconic 1, Iconic 2, and Iconic 3 since it's a cheaper dupe for the ever famous & insanely raved Urban Decay Naked 1, Naked 2, and Naked 3 palettes! 

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  1. Thank you for reviewing.. I love the way you wear the shawl.. Tutorial pleasee..part muka tu jadi muncung

    1. Thank you for reading <3 aaaa tutorial tak pandai but here's a youtube video i followed! hope u find it useful dear!