Review | MAC Toledo Collection 2015 Lipstick in Oxblood

Yes, it is here. The M.A.C Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection 2015. 

Before we head to the reviews, I'm pretty sure most of you know what M.A.C is. But who is Isabel and Ruben Toledo then? 

That's them!

For knowledge purposes, Isabel and Ruben Toledo is a married couple. Yesss, they are married and isn't it cute/cool that they have a collaboration with M.A.C together? Definitely the real #relationshipgoals right thereeee. But anyway, Isabel is the woman who designed Michelle Obama's 2009 Inauguration Day dress and Ruben is an artist! This collection is by far one of the coolest, most creative collections we've seen from M.A.C. Kudos to the couple for the collaboration! 

Recently this collection was launched in late Feb / early March and oh myyy it was selling like hot cakes! No kidding, a lot of the products were sold out in the states over on the online store. Some even had to refresh the M.A.C website again & again just to secure their purchases. So thankful to be staying in Malaysia since I don't think that the sales are as fast as in the States. 

As usual, walked over to Sunway Pyramid, went straight for M.A.C and saw my love waiting for me there. I meant the lipsticks, of course. I'm a total sucker for lipsticks and it's something that I can't go out without it. 

Their lipstick collection had a lot of reds, only one leans towards nude and another deep red, almost berry. I don't usually wear reds, so I was mostly attracted to the nude and dark colour. Anddd I bought the nude one! It's called Oxblood with a matte finish. When I first hear about Oxblood, I imagined it to be a very dark colour, something vampy-ish despite of the word 'blood' there but I guess I was wrong! The shade was definitely the opposite of what I had in mind.

Can't. Get. Enough. Of. The. Packaging. Yup, I can't. It's one of the reasons why I got the collection actually. Being the collection itself is limited edition, I rushed to get one myself quickly. The size is exactly the same like other M.A.C lipsticks, with a cap over on top. The texture of the packaging has a rubbery, matte feeling. It's not easy to slip off from your fingers, which is a good thing! It is designed by Toledo himself with his signature right next to the M.A.C logo. Since it's white, I prefer to keep this lipstick in its box to prevent it becoming dirty. 

Here's a swatch of oxblood. Some say it's a dupe for Kinda Sexy, just a little paler. I'm not so sure about that because I don't own the Kinda Sexy shade but I saw it in stores and it's almost the same. It is a light peachy nude colour. A very peachy-brown with a hint of pink in it. Just like my other M.A.C lipstick, the application was smooth, glides on nicely and gives a matte finish. If you have a severe dry lip, do exfoliate your lips first and apply a thin layer of lipbalm. Otherwise, it's fine to just apply it on your lips! Nothing too drying about this colour. Considering that it's a nude shade, this has a good lasting power (usually most matte lipsticks are), and it doesn't fade away even after 6 hours. If you consume food & drinks, you will need to reapply another layer of it again. 

I got this lipstick for RM77 and it's available at all M.A.C stores in Malaysia and on their online store. Their lipsticks and lipglosses for this collection is priced at RM77 each. Compared with the normal M.A.C lipsticks, it's only RM7 difference. Wouldn't mind paying extra for the super cute packaging! Overall, this shade is to die for as well as the packaging. Girls, go get yourself one of these. A must for all the M.A.C collectors! 

Online Store
M.A.C Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection    click here


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