Conversations with the little brother

If you guys still do not know, I actually have a little brother 13 years younger than me. Although it is a very huge gap, I still think that we share a very tight bond. I think it's because I used to take care of him so much when he was a baby so he's very attached to me. And I'm talking about piggy backs, hugging my leg, disturbing me in all sorts of way he can think of, and talk to me endlessly.

Since today is the first day of school for my other siblings, I had to take care of him since he's not enrolled to school yet. So during lunch today, these were some of our conversations...

A: Kakak, you're the oldest right?
Me: Nope, ayah is. I'm the eldest among the siblings.
A: Oh, ayah is 51 right?
Me: No lah.. He's 52 this year.
A: No!! He's 51 now
Me: No ariff, he is 52 this year...
A: Duh!! He's 51 now and will be 52 this year!

Righttttttttt. I told you kids nowadays are clever and they do make sense. I felt dumbfounded after that seriously.

A: Kakak, would you rather buy a car or build a car?
Me: Um, buy a car lah
A: Oh I want to build one..
Me: U know how to make one meh?
A: I know how to build a lego car so ya

........ For a split sec, I really thought he was serious. I should've known better, seriously.

Although little siblings are so annoying (to the point u feel like strangling them), sometimes they do lighten up your mood because they think of the most creative (and silly) things. Thank you Ariff for making my day today. May you become a very smart boy in the future and build a proper car... Amin!

And in order to that, you gotta know how to count first... heheh!