I'm back for 2016 and more...

If you could just scroll down to the previous blogpost and look at the date, you'll be surprised at how long I took to actually update this super dusty blog. I was almost going to leave this blog in 2015 but then again, something in me makes me miss blogging. So, here I am in 2016. 

Looking back at 2015, man... so so so many things have changed/improved. Like filling in my eyebrows for example. Hahahaha why didn't anyone tell me that I filled in my eyebrows and made it look so thick?!? So uncool guys. But hey, after watching lots of youtube tutorials (and staring at girls' #motd), I kept improving and dang, I'm proud to say that it looks good now. 

You guys know I love to talk about my studies, and well about that... I GRADUATED FROM SUNWAY COLLEGE!!! Yipppeeeee. Super grateful for that and guess what? I GOT INTO MONASH UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA!! Yes! My dream university after all. Although the course that I wanted to pursue wasn't exactly my idea but I was willing to give it a try. And with that, I made through Y1S1 (Year 1 Semester 1). If you must know, I'm currently an undergraduate in Bachelor of Computer Science. It was something I never planned to do as my career but I guess the market needs more IT people like us. So I'm good with that. 

And guys, I started a Youtube channel. After much contemplation and hesitation, I did it. I know it's the era nowadays where new Youtubers are emerging but the only reason why I started it was because of Beauty Bound Asia 2015. It was totally unplanned and super last minute. I saw the advert 2 days before the dateline and I rush to make my about me video. I wasn't even hoping to make it into semi-finals, but I did! And was so happy about it of course. Although I made it to the next round again, I had to leave the contest due to a minor complication. Overall, I enjoyed myself and thanks to BBA, I continued making more videos and who knew that nearly 500 people would subscribe to me? Thank you so much to everyone who watches my videos! I actually really enjoy editing videos and it makes me so happy that people watch it! :)

With 2016 rushing in, I feel anxious...? I'm turning 20 this year and I feel 128947593 feelings at one time. To me, twenty is when you start being more of an adult, you're prepping yourself for adulthood and more adult-ish responsibilities are waiting for you. I mean of course you can still have fun and all, but you know you're getting mature when you start weighing out the pros and cons of each thing you do. Although all these seems scary to me, but I believe that I can get through this. 

Above all, I do wish to be a better person. More self-reflecting, humble, grateful, forgiving and the list goes on. To be really honest, I'm not much of a good person myself. I struggle everyday and seeing a better person than me makes me feel low about myself sometimes. It isn't good to compare yourself to others, but that's the only way to make me realise about myself. I pray to anyone who is reading this that may you have a blessed 2016 and be better than who you are yesterday. No need for major changes, small little ones are good each day. 

I'll try my very best to update this blog often. Thank you for reading!