#start2016withduck contest

The first time I lay my eyes on the dUck planner, it. was. beautiful. Everytime @theduckgroup uploads a picture of it, I would imagine how perfect it'll be sitting on my shelf. And not to mention it's colour, which clearly fits my room theme (anything black-white-pink). I was so excited to purchase it even though I know it will take quite some time dealing with my mum after her hearing the price of the planner. Even so, I was determined to get it and who knew that I'd stay up till 2am just to wait for the release of the dUck planner... Man, I'm already in love with it even before it has been released! I ended up passing out and woke up at 6am instead. Shortly after that, I finally made my purchase! I wanted to jump up and down and woke my sisters up to tell them that I got the planner in my favourite colour but everyone was still asleep :( so fine, i told them later instead.

fast forward 2 days...

When the dUck planner arrived at my doorstep, I came to realize that it's here! It's finally hereeee!!! And it was so beautiful. The colour, the box that came with it, the wrapping, the mini duck charm, the theme pages, ... I fell in love instantly. Then my brain decided to remind me, "how are u gonna tell mum that it's RM120 now??" Crap, I totally forgot about it. I decided to just let her know and mind you, she was not feeling well at that time. #suchagooddaughter :') #luckymumdidnthaveheartattack #mumhasacrazydaughter #notsureifitshergenes Anw, after all the i-told-you-not-to-spend-recklessly-and-why-is-a-planner-so-crazily-expensive talks, I convinced her that it was worth the money and got through it. 

How was it worth the money you ask me? Well, let's just say I got quite lucky this time round and I won my very first dUck contest. YES GUYS I WON! I made my very first purchase from dUck after following them closely about a year, participated in their contest for the first time and I WON?!??  (along with 9 other winners too). Must be the dUck planner charm. I knew the dUck planner was worth it. I knew it was worth all the 4 hours sleep, the pep talks I got from mum, the anticipation of the dUck planner being sold out, the waiting of it's release... sigh :') #truelove 

Initially I did contemplate whether to join the #start2016withduck contest. I kept thinking nahh, there will be so many competitors and majority of them are flatlay pros I tell you. But something in me kept pushing myself to do it each day and there I was, lying down on the floor with my makeup all around and my sister tiptoeing herself over me just to get the right angle. Oh yes, credits to you Aqidah! Thank you for the picture! <3 I did have other entries as well, but they picked this!

Congrats to all the other winners too! My 2016 started off really great and I can't wait to receive my prize from the duck group. I shall keep you guys posted on that too!

Thank you @theduckgroup, and Vivy Yusof for making this possible! Definitely one of the highlights in my entire life! I intend to work with FashionValet in the future too! #thisisjustthestart #betterthingsarecoming