How to have a healthy breakfast

To begin with, I'm not even the slightest fit/slim person to write about this actually. Gurlll, I don't even exercise regularly. But! You always take one step at a time right? The truth about keeping fit is that there's no fast route to the results. You must always take it slow, easy and motivated.

Anyway, I'd like to share with you guys my first tiny-meeny step into this healthy lifestyle. As far as I know, I'm 100% melayu (malay) so it's kinda hard to eat healthy. Trust me, our breakfast usual is nasi lemak served with some teh tarik and I definitely understand you if you come from a typical melayu family. It was only last year when I started to switch my meals around for breakfast. Still, it was pretty hard because my parents aren't fond of eating cereals/wholemeal bread/oats for breakfast especially during weekends. 

So I usually try my best to eat healthy breakfast during weekdays and spoil myself some fried rice during weekends. Because I mean, come on, who could resist the smell of fried rice topped with fried egg when you have to eat your wholemeal bread with avocados and granola? 

I'll give you some ideas for a healthy breakfast then you can tweak the recipe on your own!


If you loveee eating toasts, here are some of my favourite toppings!
  • homemade peanut butter & bananas & granola & dark chocolate
  • mashed avocados & granola & dried raisins & chia seeds
  • pan fried egg (with no oil) & salt & pepper

Definitely the easiest to do provided you have a blender! Opt for skim milk/almond milk if you prefer.
  • Frozen banana & peanut butter & honey & chia seeds & milk 
  • Frozen watermelon & frozen banana & milk
  • Avocados & honey & milk & chia seeds 

I love to use instant oats because it soaks up the milk much faster. Super easy to make! Just put everything into a jar/bottle, shake it, and pop it in the fridge! 
  • Oats & milk & honey & chia seeds & almond nibs & bananas
  • Oats & milk & peanut butter & bananas & cinnamon powder
Those are some of my usual breakfast meals and that's if I'm in the mood for it. So far it has been good... I no longer eat cereals even when they claim to be for fitness and try my very best to avoid fatty/sugary foods in the morning. Trust me, I used to have cakes and donuts for breakfast but now, I will always balance my meals. You crave for something sweet? Try milkshakes instead of having a chocolate bar. Still want that bar? Well, eat only a few cubes. It's all about balance guys when it comes to eating healthy. That's why I prefer to start my day with something healthy so I don't feel fat when I have steak for dinner. 

Try changing your breakfast meals slowly and soon it'll be a habit. And always be creative with your meals! If you find it hard, there are many instagram accounts with healthy eating tips and recipes! My personal favourite has to be from @meameao on instagram! To be honest, it was because of her recipes that I was intrigued to try it on my own and now I'm so hooked! (no, I'm not paid to say this hahaha) You have to see her feed and amazing meals. She even teaches you how to cook nasi lemak in a healthier way so..... you can eat as much as you want without feeling guilty. Kidding! Too much of something isn't always good. Go follow her and start being creative in the kitchen! 

I hope you find this post useful and somewhat beneficial! Tweet me @priddytigress if you have any amazing healthy breakfast ideas! :)


  1. My tekak very 'melayu' punya. Haha. I'm not a big fan of the straight taste of avocado. What I usually do is adding some lemon squeeze, black peppers and olive oil, then only I put it on my toast. :D
    p/s I love @meameao !

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. Ooooh that sounds good too! I shall try that the next time I have my avocado toast! :)