dUckscarve crazy

I think I'm officially addicted to dUckscarves. I'm serious guys... it's infectious. I only started following them last year because of my friends and now I'm hooked. This whole dUck scarve thing is making me crazy. I only own one so far (the one I won from them in a contest, read here if you haven't) and I'm already going gaga over their next launches because it's SO hyped that I feel the need to catch up with everything. Call me materialistic (whatever) but hey, #supportlocal !

Recently they launched their limited edition #thebloomingduck collection which consisted of 3 different designs and each has 3 colours each. What I won was from their first blooming duck collection which was the peonies. They had pink, white and yellow and I got pink of course!

Then they had an orchid design with blue, pink and lavender. I wasn't really interested in the orchid design because meh, I never really like orchids and I felt like it suit more of my mum's age or I thought so at least.

And their final release was roses! They had black, pink and red. When they first release the teasers on instagram, I was so ready to get it. I fell in love with the box, the colours, the printed design and the rose look so stunning. I got so excited each time they post another #thebloomingduck rose collection teaser on instagram and I grin so hard that mum thinks I'm texting a guy (ya know the typical asian mum... still <3 her tho). BUT NO MUM, IT'S DUCK SCARVE THAT'S MAKING ME GIDDY!

I was low on budget at the time so I had no choice but to just watch the whole duck battle and as predicted the dUck battle was extremely intense. I think vivy said that this is by far the highest traffic that FashionValet got. Their site got crashed multiple times and @theduckgroup and @duckscarves instagram were flooded with angry and frustrated customers. Man, all these makciks sound so scary when they don't get their scarves. Although I do think that FV has to upgrade their system a little because we can't always have intense battles like this but still, kudos to them because I've never seen such craze like this before. And it's a scarve. Well I guess dUck has set a new record for scarves.

That didn't stop me guys. 2 days after the crazy battle, I went to search for the roses scarve on instagram. Initially I was just surveying the prices that people are selling it for. Like who knows I might be lucky to grab one. Then I saw some doing swaps with their scarves. The moment I saw it, it hit me: I should just swap my duck scarve instead. I've worn my pink peonies only twice and I feel like I will wear the black rose more often. Plus if I don't like it, I could always find people to swap it again with!

And I did it. I found someone who was desperate for pink peonies and she had the black roses that I exactly wanted. I COULND'T BE ANY HAPPIER GUYS! Who knew such silk scarves had powers to change my mood. But heyyyyy, I can't wait for my black rose to be in my hands! I'll definitely do 1 special post on it, HAHA (dramatic) but it's LE, it's got to be special!

If you're a girl and you're reading this and you never heard of dUck but somehow intrigued by these scarves, go. Go and follow their instagram. It's just a scarve I know but the longer you follow them, the further you'll get addicted...

Psst: all photos above are screenshotted directly from their insta. credits are definitely theirs.