OOTD | Monday Blues

29 Feb marked the first day of my year 1 sem 2 of being a Computer Science (CS) student. For some reason I was excited to get back on school grounds. Not sure why but I'm happy to be back! Yesterday I met my old friends and I made so many new ones prior to the first day of sem. As much as you loveee doing things alone, you always got to have friends to mingle with! 

And as cliche as it is, I wore blue for first day of class. That's how much monday blues it was, guys. Kiddddinggggg. I only had one class which is perfect! 

Anyway, I found a photographer that could help me take more professional looking photos because my Olympus Pen doesn't do much justice. The photographer is actually a friend of mine. He is currently exploring the photography world and I thought why not help him build his portfolio and at the same time I get the pictures! So guys, if you're looking for a photographer, do visit his instagram @caplicaplin, all the details will be there!


Scarve : Push Cart Stall
Top : Uniqlo
Pants : Oreef Australia
Sneakers : New Balance
Bag : Sometime By Asian Designers