OOTD | Nude Feels

How do you like my death stare? I'm well known for my bitch-resting face or my forever-frowning eyebrows but trust me, I don't bite people so please don't think I'm scary!

As much as I love to dress down to uni, you know the usual t-shirt + cardigan + jeans combo, I love dressing up! It's a fun way to make me want to go to class. For some reason, I feel motivated and ready for the day when I dress nicely! 

I love pairing a nude outfit with a darker coloured hijab. And vice versa, a bright hijab with a dark outfit. This brings out a nice contrast and I wouldn't look too mundane. Adding some orange bracelets will give a pop of colour! If you don't like orange, try gold!


Hijab - Pushcart Stall
Maxi Dress - Poplook
Flats - H&M
Bracelets - Lovisa
Lipstick - Colourpop

To suit this overall outfit, I went for a dark lip colour. Initially, I wanted to wear a neutral lipstick, but since I have too much nudes going on, I decide to take a plunge and wear Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Kae, a deep warm yellow brown from the Kaepop Collection. I had a full day in uni, and I only had to apply this once before I leave the house, and it stayed the whole day. It was perfectly the way it was after I had a meal and drinks and non stop talking, and nope I didnt touch it up at all! That's how good the staying power is! 

Anyway, I'm in week 3 of the semester. I can't wait for my sem break already! Which I'll finally have the time to properly sit down and blog, and I'm so excited to film more videos! Hitting 1.5k subscribers soon, and whewwww it doesn't sound a lot to some of you but hey, even hitting 10 subs made me so happy!

For now, I'm quite drowned in assignments and revision to do. I'm also committed to being a sub-committee under the School Of IT and I auditioned to be a RJ for Radio Monash Malaysia! I'll tell you guys soon if I get that position and who knows if I'm hosting a show of my own! So stoked for this semester, I feel like I got everything under control and I'm trying my very best to balance out everything. If others can, I can, and you definitely can too!

I've got to run to a lecture now! Have a nice day guys! xoxo