Monday blues... or more like Monday blisters...

I know that today's Friday but I still feel the need to share with you guys. It's that bad. I've never felt so blue (more like angry and annoyed) on a Monday until the last Monday... I might sound like a complain queen in this post but you know, this is for a memory sake. If I'll have a bad Monday in the future, at least it won't be as bad as this one.

Ok here's the story:

1) I woke up late. I usually wake up at 6:30am to get ready for university and no, I don't (more like I can't) drive, so I'll have to follow my dad's timing which is the standard 8am. But guess who decided to sleep in a bit more and nearly screamed when I saw my iPhone displayed 7:40am. HOLY *&^%#!! Guys, I take an hour to shower + pray + pick an outfit + do my makeup + eat (if I feel like it). I know some of yall would probably say 'then don't wear makeup!', 'it's not that hard to pick an outfit!!?' but hey, leave this girl alone, she's here to tell her story. ANYWAY YES I ONLY HAVE 20 MINS before I set my foot out of the house.

2) And of all the days that I'm already quite late, my brain decided to choose the worst pair of shoes for me. I wore the wrong flats. The one that gave me blisters the other week (and I didn't throw them out because I love my shoes, they're my precious babies, sigh). I was searching for the other pair that I have but my mum pointed out that she threw them away a few days ago. Greatttttttt, no wonder my brain picked this pain-on-the-feet flats. Maybe it was because I'm already late, so my brain panicked as well.

3) Even though I had no mandatory classes on Monday, I had some errands to do. I had to bank in money and go to the post office. Initially my plan was to bank it in at school since we do have a deposit machine here. But surprise, surprise, it wasn't working at that time... (takes a deep breath, and reminded myself it's okay, everything will be okay after this, Allah is just testing my patience). Okay so fine, I chose to go Sunway Pyramid since it was pretty near and there's a post office there too.

4) But guys, remember that I was wearing the wrong flats? And yesterday was the worst day marked in the history of 'Hidayah's episodes of getting blisters'. My intention was pure, I wanted to save my precious RM2.30 from riding the bus (because I need to be strict with my budget, plus that's just for a one-way trip and it wasn't even that far) which resulted in me walking to Sunway Pyramid. I walked for 20 mins and halfway through, I was cringing so badly that I think all the passer-bys must've thought I was having a stomachache. I almost cried tears of happiness + sadness when I reached the mall because I could finally rest my foot.

5) So since it was way too painful and I thought 'nope, I have a long day ahead of me and it's only 11am but my feet stings so bad'...I vowed myself to buy new shoes. I was in so much pain that I couldn't be bothered about my budget anymore. Like, excuse me my skin is peeling here and I still have time to weigh out the pros and cons of spending my money on new shoes?? No way! I went to H&M straight because it was the nearest store to the entrance and I quickly tried on some new shoes. I totally avoided flats (I don't trust them anymore), and sneakers or basically anything that will touch my peeling skin. I wanted to get slippers but I realised that I'm wearing a maxi skirt, so um nope. I am so not returning back to school wearing slippers with a maxi skirt, it will look so weird. (Yes, I know my brain is quick when realising these kind of problems -_-) So I ended up with a more stylish pair of sandals. They're like a Birkenstock's replica and I felt so relieved wearing them. I was smiling so happily when I queued to pay and I stopped immediately when the cashier said 'Total RM79.90'. I was about to question him because I swear I thought the price tag said RM49.90... but sadly no, he was correct. I spend 80 bucks on something that looks like a slipper but just a little more stylish... how could I ever be so careless? :( Man... I could've eaten 30 plates of sushi, or 10 plates of nasi lemak. Nooooo, there goes my money.........

6) Was so annoyed with everything that I even forgot to eat that day.

There you go. That was my list of unfortunate events that happened as soon as I'm over my sem break. Wheeww, so thankful that it has passed and it's the fifth day and the blisters are getting better. And till then, I won't be touching none of my flats anymore. Nope, and I'm 75% sure about throwing the bad pair of flats... the other 25% is because sayang sangat lah nak buang... Sigh, I complain too much and still stubborn upon myself. Is anyone else like this? We gotta be friends!

and um here, some 'fancy' ootd shots featuring my new RM79.90 pair of stylish slippers :')

Please heal faster :(