My new favourite lipstick

As of today, I have 33 lipsticks and I only realised 1 is missing and I'm so sad because it was such a pretty colour and it's matte. But that's okay, I'll either have to repurchase it again or get a new lipstick to replace it. Lipstick junkie detected here! I'm cray cray for them.

Anyway, there's 1 lipstick that I've been cray cray about for weeks. When I say weeks, it means this lipstick automatically goes into my top 10 favourite lipsticks. The first day that I got it, I immediately wore it to school and got compliments for the lip colour. 

I don't hear many raves about this lipstick but I do know that it's quite a popular shade! 

*drumrolls* My new favourite lipstick is officially Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in 1995! I've talked about this in my recent favourites video and isn't it gorgeous?


The colour has a pink + brown undertone but there's definitely more pink in it. It will suit any skintone and as you can see, it compliments my skin tone perfectly! (I use warm golden for Revlon Colourstay foundation)

Formula wise, I'd say that it's slightly more matte than MAC Cosmetics lipstick. It's not transfer-proof, smudge-proof, kiss-proof or water-proof at all. However, the pigmentation is amazing and you can definitely built the colour more by applying a few coats of the lipstick. The staying power lasts about 5 hours with drinking and talking. But you do have to reapply after eating! Although it's matte, it's still moisturising and it's not the crazy-drying-kind-of matte. The smell of this lipstick is so YUMMY! It has a vanilla-cake scent and I'm so tempted to taste it. Kidding! 

And loooookkk at that gorgeous packaging! It's similar like MAC Cosmetics lipstick, with the bullet shaped lipsticks but what attracted me more was the gold colour! I feel that it has a classier touch and it looks so pretty on my vanity table!

Been wearing these for days to school and I don't regret it at all! It's my go-to lip colour and you girls/guys should grab one for yourself. I got mine from on instagram for RM50 and good thing about this insta shop is that she usually sells ready stocks! Sooo for those of you who has no patience for pre-order, go ahead and start following on instagram! She sells other brands as well like Dose Of Colours, Girlactik, Ofra Cosmetics and many more. And no, I'm not paid to say this and neither is this lipstick sponsored. I just love sharing good things especially makeup related to all of you! <3