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It's week 11 and I'm telling myself to survive a bit more. Studies are one thing but what gives me a 10 minute headache every weekday is: "what do I wear today?" :') It's fun to think of different outfits for the first 4 weeks, but weeks after that are so hard to maintain! There are days where I put on the tshirt + cardigan + pants combo but I try not to do that as often because... well just because I want to challenge myself to wear "fashionably" in this semester. And so far, it's working well because I do get compliments from my friends/strangers in my university like : "Whoa, you look nice today. Do you have something important to do?" "Omg I love what you're wearing!" "I like that outfit! Can I know where you get it from?" Sometimes, these little things are the things that keep me motivated to think of my outfit each day!

Anyway, you might wonder what do I usually wear to university then? Just keep on reading! This post is dedicated to all my hijabi sisters! If you're non-hijabi, just join in the fun to know what we wear!

First things first, you need to know a little knowledge on latest women’s muslim wear that have been getting a lot of attention among women this year. It's better if you follow some of your favourite social influencers, be it on instagram/blog/tumblr, anywhere can be your source of inspiration! 

For the clueless ladies, here's what I'm talking about!


Credits: sophiembeyu

For the muslimah ladies who want to dress modestly and still look fashionable, palazzo pants definitely offers it to you. It is designed with a loose fit which makes it comfortable for you to flaunt anywhere you go. The flair that the palazzo pant gives brings out your elegant charm in every step you make. I often pair my palazzo pants with loose tops to give it extraaa flowy look! (Plus it covers my thighs-that-are-as-wide-as-my-face, teehee!)


Culottes are available in various length and the long culottes will be the perfect choice for us, muslimah women to style. Simply match it with a turtle neck top or a simple blouse for a complete sophisticated appearance. Culottes also have that flair and at certain times appear like a skirt too!


Maxi dresses will always be a classic choice as it is modest and cute to be worn any time of the day., no kidding. You can find various maxi dresses designs available according to your taste from plain shades to printed patterns. Dress it up or down easily with accessories and shoes. Maxi dresses are definitely a staple piece for any women to own in their closet at home.


Long cardigans are perfect for muslimah women as it covers the behind and our silhouette. I even have 2 of the same colour because it is that essential! Choose from the wide range of long cardigan designs from various brands and match it with your tops and bottoms. There are plenty of trendy long outer wears which you could pick and style accordingly.

Now that you know what are they, go ahead and rotate these few pieces around your week! Don't own any of these? You should go shopping! Splurge yourself these clothes and start wearing them. You'll definitely step your game up in the muslimah fashion world. 

(Ps: This post is in collaboration with ZALORA MALAYSIA)


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