Life Update

I'm back.

It's crazy how long I've left this space but honestly, I was really really really busy throughout the past 4 or 5 weeks ago. From school assignments, school events, meetings, final exams, baking, then raya?? Gosh, everything is so fast-paced I barely have enough time to sit down and really blog my thoughts out.

Anyway, I sat for finals in which I was really scared for this 1 particular unit: Introduction to Programming & Algorithm. Well, considering the fact that I had some exposure to programming before, I was less nervous but as the days got nearer, I panicked and broke down. I was really scared that I couldn't make it because I needed so much help from my peers when I was doing the sample paper so I thought there is no way I could survive the exams. Of course I had to just wing the paper when I sat for it and pray for the best and I'm so glad the other units I took weren't so heavy. Phew!

So as soon as I was done with final exams, I had to make kuih raya (raya cookies). Because it was already the 3rd week of Ramadhan and heck, there are so many cookies to be given to my relatives. So chop chop chop, every single day the house smelled like chocolate chip cookies, kuih dahlia (favourite of all), kuih tart, kuih cornflakes and I saved the best for the last, kek lapis.


And yes, making 1 is already hard. So imagine my face when my mum told me, "kak, this year kek lapis kena buat 20 tau. orang nak". Mother please... Please tell me that's not true!!! But of course I made it anyway. Thanks to my sister whom helped me to wash/crack the nearly 11 tray of eggs we had in the house. I'm so proud of myself because ask any aunties/uncles, they will explain you why they'd rather buy ready-made kek lapis than making it themselves. So long till next year, kek lapis!

Okay so after the kuih making session, we had to last minute pack our stuffs to go back Singapore. It was late night at 2am and I was so tired from baking but I still had to pack. I ended up getting 4 hours of sleep before waking up to clean the house and load the stuffs in the car. Man, the tiredness was real.

I spent a week in johor bahru & singapore for the last 2 days of Ramadhan and 5 days of raya. I had so much fun seeing my cousins and I'm so happy to eat so much good food. My makeup improved so much from last year's and man, highlighting your face is life-changing. You need to buy yourself a good highlighter and you'll be obsessed on highlighting your face. No kidding!

Ps: I just got my results back from final exams. I'm moving on to year 2! So thankful and blessed :)