Another update on where I am in life

Uh.. how is it October already?

And again, I abandoned my blog for the umpteenth time. I'm more active in YouTube (in case you didn't know, yes I do YouTube videos!) nowadays since I really like editing videos. Anyway, I came here to pen down some thoughts I have in mind and update you guys where I am in life currently.

In terms of studying, I'm currently in Week 10. My semester is 12 weeks each + 1 week of study week and then final exams. Which means I'm only left with 2 studying weeks and 1 week of catching up on  e v e r y t h i n g. I honestly don't know what to feel this semester? I had so many things(events, meetings, duties) within the 10 weeks of the sem. At one point, I felt so so so overwhelmed that I had a lot on my plate and started feeling so anxious.

August was the busiest month of all. At some weeks, I had to 1) run errands to send my passport for renewal, 2) a programming practical submission, 3) an event to handle after a full day of classes, 4) quizzes to complete and 5) an event to attend. I was so exhausted that I just skipped 5).

University is no joke guys, especially if you're the type to get so involved in a lot of events and activities. Sure, it's good to expose yourself with other students and sharpen your skills, but always remember to slow down if you think you're overdoing yourself! Which in my case was too late because within that month, I signed up to be.... School of Information Technology(SoIT) representative 2017. It's a shared position under Monash University Student Association(MUSA) where I have to overlook the whole of SoIT in terms of events, welfare, any issues that the students are facing and many many more. I'll have a male partner soon to share all the workload (thank god!!!). Although my official contract begins next year, I'm already prepping myself throughout this sem with a lot of duties so that I wouldn't be too overwhelmed next year.

Apart from that, I'm still a part of Radio Monash Malaysia as a budding writer! In case you guys don't know, my uni has an online radio station! Head over to sometimes if you're feeling bored ok guys! I promise you we have many shows over the weekday and we'll keep you entertained. I must say that I've slowed down on my writing because like I said, I was caught up in so many things.

So with all that going on... I feel like my studies are lopsided this sem. Some weeks I feel like I have a good grip on what's going on in lectures and tutorial classes. But some weeks, I feel like I'm entering classes just for the sake of attendance, and feeling so lethargic at the end of each day. Is anyone else in the same boat as me? To be honest, I hate how I'm so unorganized this sem. I did most of my assignments last minute and felt so cranky and stressed out. Sigh.

Don't worry guys, it's not like I'm unappreciative of the opportunities I get. It's just that sometimes, you need to take a breather and slow down. It all comes down to finding a good balance in everything.

That's it for now. We'll see if I survived the last few weeks of the sem and I'll definitely update you guys!