Here's what I'll do in 2017

I contemplated at first whether to do a 2017 resolutions list but seeing everyone doing one, I'll do one too. Simply because I like to remind myself my goals from time to time.

1. Work on my fitness. 

I'm not the healthiest person nor an active one. So, this is quite a big step for me. There are times where I get inspired to just start a new diet or try a new exercise routine. But, more often than not, I quit after a few days. I'm pretty sure it's because I wasn't ready to commit my entire life to constantly eating healthy and I wasn't strict with myself either. However, I've read bits and bobs about eating healthily and working out and I must say, I'm more prepared now. They all say it's 80% food, 20% exercising right? So I will do my best to watch whatever I eat. I won't start counting my macros (because tbh, that makes me paranoid about everything I eat) just yet. Maybe once I'm more comfortable with eating healthily, I will adapt that habit. About exercising, I find that with myself, I need a routine in order for me to stick with it. And sooo, I've discovered Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. It's basically a 12 week programme of working out with a 4 week pre training for you to prep your body. This is so convenient for me because then I can keep track of what day I'm currently on, and gurl, they even have illustrations for each work out so you don't have to keep on googling how to do them. Anyway, I'm hoping for a good progress by the mid of 2017. 

2. Apply skincare religously.

If you know me personally, I'm more of a makeup person. My makeup collection is continuously growing (my mum thinks it's magic that she keeps seeing new lipsticks on my vanity table, sorry mum) and because of that, I keep forgetting to look after my skin. So, with this new year, I will try and apply my skin care r e l i g o u s l y. I'm not getting younger either so I really need to prioritize my skin needs. Ps: I'm quite intrigued by the 10-step skincare routine, famously renowned by the koreans. Has any of you tried it before? Leave me a comment please!

3. Create more.

I used to doodle/draw/paint so much more during my pre teenage years. I even carried like a small A5 notebook wherever I go in high school just because if something inspires me, I'll doodle right away. I guess I do have a creative side but these days, I'm so distracted/overwhelmed by everything else that my I slowly lose my creative juices. We're so heavily influenced with Youtube/Instagram nowadays and don't get me wrong, that's being creative too (shooting your own content, deciding on layout, editing it) but I genuinely miss being able to create physical art pieces. Maybe it's just me but in 2017, I want to visit the art and craft store and buy more colourful pens, more glitter, more paper and start creating.

4. Increase my GPA.

Sounds like every student's resolution, isn't it? Ugh but trust me the amount of efforts and blessings needed... Well just like every semester, I will do my very best. But starting from this year, I will put in more efforts and not lose my momentum as often. I have this habit of wanting to do everything and it has to be perfect which sometimes results in overwhelming sensation and then... procrastination. So this time around I will put in my 200% for the next half of my degree. I got this, insyallah! 

5. Get my license.

Hehe. I'm turning 21 (so. freaking. fast) this year and my parents finally gave the green light for me to take car license! I have been wanting it since a very long time because I have a feeling that I'm going to love driving. I know, I know, I have not even drive but I'm already so ambitious. Well, I'm just really really excited!!!

6. Work on my faith/religous side.

Ahh. This is something that has been on my mind for quite sometime. Every visit I pay to the mosque to listen to ceramah, it leaves an impact on myself. There are times where I randomly question myself like "I'm getting older.. so, what have I done to improve my faith?", "What if my time comes tomorrow, am I well prepared?"... Thoughts like these make me realised that the sole purpose for us in this "temporary" world, is to be prepared for the after life. Will definitely work on this as I have a lot to catch up. 

7. Learn to manage my expenditure.

I spend a lot. And I hate myself for that. But that's okay. The more I spend, the more I must manage. Starting this year, I will write every single cent I have spent whether it's food/groceries/makeup/clothes, I have to write it. Sometimes the best way to educate yourself is to actually do it manually, so I realllyyy hope this method will work because it's not fun when you suddenly forgot where that rm20 went... Hmm, magic or..?

Those are my main goals as I go through 2017. Do you have any resolutions? Share them with me!