So, these happened in 2016

It's 2017, whattttt?

Just like everybody else, I want to review my 2016.

2016 RECAP

January: I WON THE DUCK CONTEST ABOUT THE BLOOMING DUCK SERIES!!! That was such a good start to my 2016. I was so nervous uploading my pictures since it was my first time joining it. And who knew I'd win on my first shot? Ahh, so blessed.

Here's my winning picture:

Many many thanks to my sister for capturing this beautiful picture. Read more here if you're interested to know which duck I won! ;)

I also met up with one of my bestfriend all the way from Miri! Miss you Emma <3

February: Year 1 Semester 2 started and it was the month that I signed up to be a sub-committee under the School of IT. And surprise surprise, I got the position! Woohoo!

I also hit my first 1000 subscribers on Youtube, thank you guys! 

March: I bid farewell to the prize I won from dUck in return with another scarf :') Read the story here!

April: Got the duckscarve I wanted! 

May: I met up with one of my good friends back in Miri and we did alottt of catch up! Miss you Arantxa! <3

June: Got my first Kylie LipKit because.... EVERYONE was talking about it. Sigh, weaknesses seriously!!

And also, I survived the semester weeheeee!

July: Started my Year 2 Semester 1!

Oh and I invited my other 2 bestfriends that are in KL for a raya eating session at my house!

August: Something special happened to me and up till today, I still find it so surreal. Hehe. I also met one of my another good friends from Miri! Well, she's from Egypt but we both met in Miri so yeah.

I also learnt mips for the very first time and that was the exact moment I knew programming is not my forte. I took so long to understand till at one point I gave up :( Not my best try I guess.

OH AND the biggest moment of my uni life.... I signed myself up to be in the running for MUSA 2017 Council. Whew, it took weeks of planning, sweat, tears, a lot of meetings, people come and go and finally it's the day to campaign! (We campaigned for almost a month... in between classes, juggling assignments/exams, and also events. Wow... How did I even manage... :'))

September: And we're still campaigning, haha. Our team is called Genesis and I am so thankful for the people that was under it. It was such an amazing opportunity going up to students, listening to their concerns and also voicing out ours. After all, student council is for the students so we want the best for all of us!

After a week of voting, MUSA 2017 has been decided! Introducing us, some of the future MUSA members.

October: Went to Garena for a field trip! It was my second time there, actually. Sadly the three of us had to early for a meeting. 

WEEEE!! My very first time buying products out of Malaysia, and I was so ecstatic because it was free shipping??? Ps: yall need to buy Colourpop. Period.

November: My birthday month, (aka exam month as well)! It was my 20th birthday but I didn't celebrate it at all... Haha. Was supposed to have a celebration with my bestfriends but it got delayed till now (like now as in 2017 now). Nonetheless, I feel blessed to be where I am in life now. 

Here's a picture of a poke bowl I ate. It was my first time at The Fish Bowl and I love it. LOVE. IT. Basically you get to choose your carbs/protein/toppings/sauce and it's inclusive of a bottomless drink (if I'm not wrong). Got mine with brown rice + Sriracha salmon and lots of yummy toppings! I can't wait for school to start again so that I can eat this. 

December: Went for a short trip to Melaka/Singapore. For the very first time, I went to Art Science Museum for the NASA exhibition. 

I miss you home country. 

Here's the beautiful Melaka City.

I also went to Fraser's Hill. The ride there made me so dizzy, I nearly threw up geez.

On the very last day of 2016, I got to meet my cousins once again! It's weird how we're all growing up really fast, haha.

That's all from me in 2016. I will write a separate post about my 2017 resolutions because I want it to be detailed. Anyway, here's to more exciting events this year!